Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Organized discourse

What some unsavory acquaintances might call "neurotic ramblings", I call "organized discourse". This is my blog of organized discourse. I chose the name "feelings of ardor" because it sounds fancy. There may be something more to it than that, but probably not.

I am hoping to write about productive topics, like the popcorn vendor strike of '04. This may not happen, mostly because I just made that up. Mostly this is going to be a celebration of things I enjoy and an ongoing tirade against things I find distasteful. Much of this is inspired by Stephen Colbert who is my humor mate. Like a soul mate for humor. Of course.

I am also going to use this blog to ask the questions that have plagued humanity for centuries, such as:
Why does tuna have to smell so bad but taste so good?
Why are clowns so scary?
Why do Barnum's Animal Crackers taste like pickles?

Because I really just want to see my important contributions to the world written down in a blog that no one is going to read.