Wednesday, December 14, 2011

End of an Era

Wow, three posts in one year? What an achievement! I guess I should just finish up this post and quit the blogging scene (as if I was ever a part of said scene), leaving on a high note a la George Costanza.

Not really, friend. That was verbal irony.

Anyway, for a short time I had this thing called a "tumblr". You probably haven't heard of it, because I'm sure smart people like you don't debase themselves by becoming familiar with a site that displays such a blatant disregard for spelling. I did, unfortunately, because my soul resembles the flat, crusty, salt-flecked square that is commonly known as a Wheat Thin. Tumblr is like Twitter plus Mean Girls, and as much as I love Tina Fey, I cannot support it any longer.

So I had like eleven entries or something, most of them nonsense. I'm going to post the ones that I consider to display any shred of talent I may possess. So this isn't me having an episode of hypomania or creativity or of any productivity whatsoever. It's just me posting crap from one underused blog-type-thing to another.